Do you have any questions about your tandem paragliding flight? Check the FAQ of Next Outdoor Generation!

Questions about the flight

Meeting point is always at the restaurant – Sigis Sportklause (Thurnbichl 46, 6345 Kössen) – right at the bottom station of the lifts at Hochkössen. After individual consultation we can meet as well on the mountain at the launch site.

Under the heading Program you will find the schedule of a tandem flight!

The weight range for our passengers is between 20 kg and 120kg.

Of course, kids can experience the great adventure of a tandem flight. The kids should only weigh more than 20 kg and off you go! For our kids up to 14 years, there is also a special offer, our Kidsspecial for just €85.-

Basically, there is no minimum age for children. Our youngest passenger was 3 years old. The important thing is that the drive to fly actually comes from the kids themselves! Up to 16 years we need additionally the signature of a parent or an adult guardian

It’s actually enough if you can run a few quick steps. The important thing is that you are healthy and have no cardiovascular problems. If your physical fitness is not sufficient to start, you will be supported by two other pilots during the complete start!

Physical disabilities are no reason not to be able to fly. Passengers, who cannot walk, are carried during launch. The landing is performed Seated on a protector (i.e. it is not necessary to run during takeoff and landing). To be sure, we must ask you to inform us, when booking, about physical problems.

99% of the time we end up sitting at the landing with the tandem paraglider. You only need to stretch your legs and lift them slightly, then we end up sliding in seated at the landing site. If the conditions at the landing site are perfect, one only needs to take a few steps to land standing.

Yes! Whether a couple flight or a group event, up to 6 people at a time is possible.

The big difference is the actual flying time! With the panorama flight we are up to 35 minutes in the air, with the thermal flight up to an hour. The panorama flight is the ideal variant for the first time. The thermal flight for the adventurous who want to play with the thermals far beyond the summit! In both variants, you are going to experience spectacular impressions!

In the morning, the air is really clear and calm! You will feel hardly any wobbling during the flight. During the day the thermals over lunchtime are getting stronger and the situation quiet again in the late afternoon! So for a relaxed flight the morning and late afternoon are perfect, for those who want a little more adventure, the best thermal conditions are early afternoon.

For a panorama flight you have to schedule 1.5 hours where we are up to 35 minutes in the air. When you are planning a thermal flight just under 2 hours.

Questions about the booking/voucher

There are several options for you to book your flight or a voucher. Either online on our homepage, per email to or by just a phone call to +43(0)6604542800!

Ideally you book your flight a few days before the desired flight date. Spontaneous applications are also possible, but we cannot promise that appointments are still available!

The voucher is valid for 2 years. Of course, it does not expire thereafter. However due to price increases there may be a small surcharge to cover the difference.

The vouchers of Next Outdoor Generation are of course transferable.

General questions

Kössen in Kaiserwinkl has a great history of aviation sports. As the venue of the first World Championships in the hang- and paragliding, of European and national championships, Kössen has made its name in the flying competition sports. With highly reliable thermals and perfect infrastructure for the flight sport, Kössen has become a Mecca for enthusiastic hanggliders and paragliders.

Next Outdoor Generation has all the legally required insurance for its passengers. Furthermore, we are just working with highly modern equipment to make your adventure as safe as possible.

It is of course possible to film with your own camera or taking pictures. However, we recommend doing this only if you can fix your camera somewhere. There is always the possibility to buy the pictures and videos from your pilots.

To stand on one an edge or climb a high ladder has nothing in common with the feeling while paragliding. It may be that you are a little nervous before the start. But as soon as you glide through the air, all your worries are gone! Guaranteed!

The development of the material in the last decades made the sport of paragliding much safer. Of course, as in any sport, there remains a certain risk. Security is a basic requirement for us. Through continuous training and a lot of experience we can guarantee that for you.

Thermals is a flow of rising warm air which we can use as paragliders to gain hight and stay in the air for longer!

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